Original Songwriting

All the Time

Alone With You

Amanda Lee

Appalachian Memory

At The Cost of Your Own

Big Steel Man

Brave New World

Can’t Go Home

Celtic (Instrumental)

Couldn’t Care Less



Distant Voices

Eyes of a Stranger

Finally Find

First Day of Spring

Fly By Night

Full Moon

Great Bridge Boogie (Instrumental)

Growing of Grass and the Falling of Leaves

Hey Virginia

Holdin’ Up a Nation

How Long

If She Sways When She Walks

Kara (Instrumental)

Katie Don’t Go

Lay Me Down

Lazy Lady

Lightening Might Strike Me Twice

Livin’ Alone

Long, Long Way from Paradise

Look Away

Lookin’ at the Headlights

Lost in My Suffering

Mostly Me

Never Coming Back Again

Never Find a Way

On My Way to Somewhere

Over You

Peaceful Land

Reduced to Reckless

Rhythm Man

Rickie Lee

Roll Away

Rollin’ Into Nothing Fast

Room In My Heart

Sometimes I Feel

Summertime is Right

Sweet Thing

The Way You Love Yourself

Through The Night (Song in F)

Time I Traveled On


Treat Me Right

Virginia Livin’

Waiting for My Sunshine

Walking Away

Waterfall (Instrumental)

What We Give Away

Whisper in the Dark

You Don’t Know Me Well

You Don’t Love Me No More

Singer and Songwriter